Deals & Transactions

The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving. As companies expand, consolidate, and merge, oil and gas assets are continuously bought, sold, and transferred. The Weber Law Firm has extensive experience on both the buyer and seller sides of these transactions, and we are able to assist our clients in complex contract negotiations, due diligence, and drafting of definitive agreements. Additionally, we can identify and factor in the operational implications of these deals from the upstream operator, midstream transporter, and downstream purchaser perspectives.

Transactions from Start to Finish:

We are comfortable in handling all aspects of purchase and sale transactions up to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act filing threshold from start to finish and have an extensive track record of successfully and efficiently negotiating letters of intent, term sheets, purchase and sale agreements, and closing those deals smoothly and on time to meet our clients’ business objectives.

In-Depth Experience:

For large value transactions, we frequently are called upon to supplement outside and inside transaction legal counsel in development of bids and offers, preparation of sale schedules, and evaluation of assets, including gas and crude oil contracts and identification of environmental liabilities:

Master Limited Partnerships:

During the last decade we have worked on the successive transfers of interests, particularly gathering and fractionator assets, to master limited partnership affiliates from both the seller and MLP/buyer perspectives. We have provided detailed analyses and input on the type of interests best suited for transfer and the allocation of liabilities in these transfers. We have also continued to represent the MLP buyer in its ongoing operation of these assets, including the construction of gas plants and other facility expansion.


Our prior experience includes cross-border work both for U.S. companies that are active in Canada and Mexico, as well as Canadian companies that are active in the U.S. For example, as lead counsel, we successfully closed on one stock and three asset acquisitions, including multiple gas plants, pipelines, and related gas contracts, resulting in building a client’s Canadian midstream business from zero to $500 million in two years.