Emerging Energy Technologies

Our technical backgrounds and experience allow us to understand and contribute to our clients’ development and use of emerging technologies in the energy and mineral extraction sectors.

Sustainable Energy:

We are at the forefront of resource development projects that take a sustainable, rather than depletive, perspective and that bridge the traditional oil and gas and emerging sustainable energy sectors. For example, beginning in 2003, we have been integrally involved in supporting a company that has developed a patented technology for the real-time generation of methane gas from biogenic reservoirs. We have assisted the company from its start-up through its acquisition of more than 1000 producing gas wells, establishment of pilot projects, and preliminary filings for pursuing an initial public offering.

Drilling & Completion Advances:

As evidenced by our numerous presentations to oil and gas industry groups, we have established a leadership role in supporting new oil and gas well drilling and completion techniques, especially horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, that have unlocked the oil and gas potential of unconventional resources throughout vast new areas. One of our innovative approaches, already utilized in Colorado and West Virginia, allows operators to transfer and share their produced water for reuse in hydraulic fracturing operations, thereby minimizing use of fresh water resources. Currently, we are looking at reuse of acid mine drainage for hydraulic fracturing use.

Green Drilling & Completion Practices:

We frequently advise on single pad directional drilling operations and shared facilities that minimize the surface footprint of oil and gas operations. The depth of our experience in the oil and gas industry allows us to advise on best practices and to benchmark industry practices. To the extent possible in the dynamic oil and gas sector, we encourage long-range planning. For example, we completed an innovative long-range drilling plan for a Colorado client that obtains government and public consultation and input on the front-end of the development process to streamline further development.

Uranium In Situ:

Our Firm offers more than 30 years of experience in the uranium mining sector. During the last five years, our Firm has focused on in situ uranium extraction projects via negotiation of leases, joint ventures, drilling contracts, and mining agreements. In many ways, these projects are a hybrid between traditional uranium mining projects and oil and gas secondary recovery operations, and have a minimal surface footprint and less environmental impact.

Renewable Energy:

We offer a cutting-edge understanding of renewable energy project development from distributed generation to utility scale. We are well-positioned to advise clients on wind and solar development from site planning to power purchase agreements.